Just as we age, your pets will become old as well. Long before you notice, your pets could be already considered senior. The specific ages vary between different species and breed. Even though your pet may appear healthy, age is catching up.


Some most common senior illnesses include obesity, periodontal disease, arthritis, kidney and liver disease, diabetes and even cancer. The list goes on but catching them early will make a huge improvement in your animals quality of life.

When it comes to senior pets, frequent monitoring and screening of your healthy pet are essential for preventing these illnesses. This will help to establish a baseline assessment for future comparison and to detect subclinical abnormalities as early as possible. One of the best options is to arrange with your veterinarian for a routine complete health examination, and it is recommended that routine health care visits are completed every six months. This gives you and the veterinarian an opportunity to share and discuss about the concerns of your animal, leading to the creation of a personalised geriatric care plan.

We understand how much of an impact your pet’s health has on you and your family. At the 16th Avenue Animal Hospital we are all about ensuring you and your pet’s happiness. We welcome you to consult with us about geriatric care for your senior pets. Please contact us about important questions for your senior animals including: diet and nutrition, dental clearing, weight control, vaccination, mental health and environmental considerations at 905-554-7210.

In addition, our hospital provides a range of affordable diagnostic tests (including blood work, x-rays and ect) and preventative care for treating the illnesses discussed above.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and make an appointment today to design your pet’s geriatric plan!

Healthy Pets Make Happy Homes!



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