To our Valued Clients and Patients


Many of our clients of called and asked how they and their furry family may be affected and how it will affect the treatment of their pets in an emergency. To ease your minds, the 16th Avenue Animal Hospital is still open and seeing pets with essential needs. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Is the clinic still open?

Yes, we are currently open with staff available.

We are asking that you wear a mask when you come into the clinic.

  • Our protocols are being reviewed every two weeks as news updates and progresses.
  • We will not accept walk-in clients at this time. Please call to schedule an appointment.
  • Failure to adhere to these new rules, we will have to shut down and go back to curbside appointments.

Will my pets be affected by Covid-19?

The scientific community is still trying to answer that question but evidence suggests  that although contamination is possible there have been no reported cases of pet-to-human or human-to-pet infections. Early research shows that cats and ferrets may be susceptible to the disease.

However because the Covid-19 infection is spread through bodily fluids such as saliva and mucus drops through coughing or sneezing on a surface it is possible that the virus may cling to pet fur and we recommend precautions such as washing hands after touching, and keeping hygienic practices such as regular grooming and washing of pet bowls, bedding and toys.