Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

Diagnostic testing is a laboratory we work with to analyze your pets blood and urine samples when they aren’t feeling well – similar to human labs.

Laboratory testing also includes sending biopsy/cell samples out for pathology. Pathology testing would be done if you find an odd lump on your pet and the veterinarian isn’t quite sure the nature of it from looking at it – although they may have their suspicions. Doing a biopsy or fine needle aspirate will require the lab technicians to look under the microscope for any abnormal cells and report any findings/diagnosis based on these cells back to the veterinarian.

Another test done through the laboratory are fecal samples – sending these to the lab requires them to either look under the microscope or do a fecal flotation to ensure your pet isn’t positive for any internal parasites and/or eggs of the parasite.

The veterinarian will determine what test is best for your pet depending on the nature of the appointment and what brought them to the clinic that day.

While sending these samples to the lab don’t have same day results available, turnaround time is usually between 1-3 days depending on the test ordered.