End of Life Care

Is your pet suffering from something that is decreasing their quality of life? Do you think they’re in pain? Is it hard to care for them?

As a pet lover/parent who’s spent many years caring for your pet, this conversation can be a very hard one, understandably so. We would love for them to live the same amount of time as us and it’s hard knowing this isn’t the case. As their caregiver, we want to ensure they live a happy and pain free life.

Here at 16th Avenue Animal Hospital, we can help extend your days with your companion all while helping comfort you during this sad and difficult time. As difficult it is to think about this time coming, it’s even harder to decide when to do it. Our staff here will be there to explain all of your options and help you make decisions.

At least one of our staff members has been in your shoes so we know exactly what you are going through and we will strive to make this unfortunate experience one where you won’t feel alone!

We know these decisions are hard to make so if you have an elderly, or terminally sick pet we encourage you to call us and one of our staff members is always open to having this discussion and hopefully make this time a little easier for you and your family.