Microchip Insertion/Identification

We often get a lot of questions asking “do we need to get our pet microchipped?” and while it’s not mandatory, it’s a very good tool to help maintain bonds and ensure your pet never gets lost. Even the most responsible pet owner can’t guarantee their pet won’t get lost. Accidents happen. A leash could break or slip out of your hand, a pet can push through a screen door or window or a contractor or friends/family may accidentally leave a door or gate open. We want to give them the best chance to get home, if these situations were to ever occur.

The chip is the size of a grain of rice and is inserted underneath the skin, and in between the shoulder blades. The ID number, pet and owner information is registered with the microchip company’s database so if the pet is ever lost or stolen and is recovered by someone else, we are able to scan for a chip and reunite you and your fur baby. The chip can be scanned and read by most veterinary clinics, the SPCA, animal control or any other agencies who have a microchip scanner.

We recommend utilizing a microchip along with a collar and ID tag, to help identify your pet. Pets that have tags with current and up to date information, are more likely to get home faster vs. being brought into the shelter. We understand collars can be removed, and/or lost which just proves the importance of microchipping.

Microchipping is a permanent and safe way of identifying your pet in case he/she becomes lost. Although we hope your pet never becomes lost, we want you, as the pet owner, to be prepared.

If you would like your pet microchipped, or have found a lost pet and would like to check if they have a microchip, please contact us. We can microchip ferrets, rabbits, and other companion animals.