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The importance of routine physical exams cannot be overlooked. This veterinarian-performed procedure is valuable to both the dog and the owner. Problems can be discovered during a physical exam even in apparently healthy dogs. The findings of the physical examination give the veterinarian the necessary information to assess your dog’s health status. The veterinarian will then make recommendations for any required treatment and any preventive health care procedures such as vaccinations.


A new puppy needs to start out life strong! For a short time after birth your puppy’s immune system is supplemented by antibodies transferred from the mother but after that they have to start building their own. You can help them with the right vaccination schedule at the right time. Our Markham veterinary clinic has a three round schedule adapted for the Markham area.

  • DA2PP, is a multivalent vaccine for dogs that protects against the viruses.
    D for Canine Distemper. It most importantly protects against the debilitating and deadly disease, which can be a serious viral illness. It causes neurologic dysfunction, pneumonia, nonspecific systemic symptoms such as fever and fatigue, and weight loss, as well as upper respiratory symptoms and diarrhea, poor appetite, and vomiting.
    A2 for both Adenovirus type 1 and Adenovirus type 2, , and because Infectious Canine Hepatitis is covered by adenovirus type 1, an H is sometimes used instead of A (for just adenovirus type 1) or A2 (for both type 1 and type 2), to show that hepatitis is covered .
    First P for Canine Parvovirus
    Second P for Parainfluenza.
  • Leptospirosis– A bacterial infection spread by wildlife such as rats and raccoons but also remains active in water and soil for up to six months and may lead to permanent kidney and liver damage. It is contagious to all mammals including humans and dogs and is spread through contact with infected urine and contaminated feces, soil and water
  • Lyme – A disease transmitted by ticks which infects both humans and dogs. This disease can damage joints, kidney and other tissues
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) – An extremely contagious infection of the upper respiratory tract that is characterized by a persistent dry, hacking cough.
  • Rabies – A fatal infection of the central nervous system that can affect all mammals, including humans. The virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal.


Schedule (depending on geographical area)

  • First Visit at about 8 Weeks- DA2PP.
  • Second Visit at about 12 Weeks- DA2PP and the optional vaccines, Bordetella, Lepto and Lyme
  • Third Visit at 16 Weeks- Rabies, and boosting the optional vaccines Lepto, Lyme and Deworming
  • Annual Boosters – Rabies, Lepto, Lyme and DA2PP. Rabies is available as 3 Year vaccines upon request.


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16th Avenue Animal Hospital is a recently opened veterinary clinic in Markham area. The Hospital is Managed by Dr Fareed Ahmad.

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