Rabbit Spay/Neuter

There are many benefits to spaying/neutering your pet rabbit. One of those benefits include a longer life span!

Spaying your female rabbit is best between 4-6 months old and neutering your male rabbit is best between 3-5 months old.

We don’t recommend doing these procedures any younger than the ages mentioned as that can result in complications during surgery. After doing a yearly/pre surgical exam on your rabbit, your veterinarian will have a better idea on when to perform the surgery.

More benefits include:

  • Females no longer run the risk of cancer in the uterus and ovaries and there’s a reduced risk of cancer in the mammary glands;
  • Males have a decreased chance of testicular cancer – Decreased risk of diseases that can be passed through bodily fluids;
  • Less chance of urinary infections;
  • Males are not as likely to mark their territory or get into fights with other pets;
  • Females no longer have to go through the discomfort of the heat process – Helps prevent overpopulation;
  • Easier to train, less likely to bite;
  • Less destructive.