Spaying & Neutering

An important decision in your puppy’s life is whether to spay or neuter your new friends. Spaying and Neutering are usually recommended at approximately 6 to 12 months before the onset of secondary sex characteristics. As well as preventing unexpected accidents and over population, spaying and neutering has many benefits for the individuals and the community.

Spaying is an invasive procedure carefully carried out under general anesthetic with strict sanitary conditions. Our Markham pet clinic tries to avoid spaying while in heat as it increases the risk and the cost of the procedure. However despite the minor risks of surgery, spaying your pet comes with many benefits.

First is no heat cycles! Do away with the hormonal irritation and bloody discharge! During heat your pet may show unpleasant behaviour as she tries to attract a mate such as increased urination, extra noise and roaming. A non-spayed female needs an escape proof fence not only to keep her in but her potential suitors out, and often where there’s a will there’s a way.

Spaying also includes many medical benefits such as reduced risk of uterine infections, mastitis and false pregnancy.

Neutering is a fast, simple surgical procedure that can be completed with minimal risk and many benefits. Often neutering soothes over protective, aggressive behaviour as well as excessive barking, mounting and spraying. Neutering also reduces the incidences of prostate and testicular cancer and protects against injuries that might occur while roaming in search of a mate such as car crashes, fighting and getting lost.

Finally both enjoy the benefits of increased health and longevity and lower licensing fees in Markham.

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