Lump Removal (Lumpectomy)

A lumpectomy is a surgical procedure that removes an abnormal growth on or below the skin’s surface but can also be attached to an organ wall. A physical exam with your veterinarian as well as additional tests and biopsy will likely be done prior to surgery to determine the nature of the growth, cells involved and whether the growth is benign/malignant.

A biopsy requires light sedation where your veterinarian will remove a small portion of the growth and send it to a veterinary pathologist where they will review the cells and tissues microscopically.

There are other tests available other than a biopsy but can sometimes be inconclusive resulting in a biopsy needing to be done regardless.

Treatment and surgical removal depends solely on whether the growth(s) are benign or malignant and if malignant, your veterinarian will refer you to oncology for next steps either after/before surgical removal – every case and patient is different so your veterinarian will help determine the plan.