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At what age can my puppy or kitten start heartworm preventative medication.

The dosage of a heartworm medication is based on body weight, not age. Puppies and kittens grow rapidly in their first month of life, and the rate of growth- especially in dogs- varies widely from one breed to another. That means a young animal can gain enough weight to bump it from one dosage range to the next within a matter of weeks.

Ask your veterinarian for advice about anticipating when a dosage change will be needed. If your pet is on a monthly preventative, you may want to buy just one or two doses at a time, especially if dosage change is anticipated.

Also make sure to bring your pet in for every scheduled well-puppy or well-kitten exam so that you stay on top of all health issues, including heartworm protection. Confirm that you are giving the right heartworm preventative dosage by having your pet weighed every visit.


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