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hollyThe winter holiday season is a busy and exciting time of the year, in which we celebrate with our friends and families. We should also remind ourselves to not neglect our pets. However, in the midst of the excitement and happiness, we tend to forget about the safety of our pets. Since their behaviours are very different from us, we need to be especially careful with how we celebrate with our pets. Here are some common risk factors that be consider during the winter holidays.

A grand feast is almost guaranteed to be part of any celebration and our pets should not partake in eating human food. An animal’s digestive system differs greatly between species, many foods that we eat are toxic to our animals. For instance, chocolate contains the chemicals theobromine and caffeine, along with many holiday plants, such as holly, mistletoe, and even Christmas trees, are toxic. Consuming these sweets and plants can lead to intestinal upsets, such as vomiting and diarrhea. In more severe cases, the pet may need to be hospitalized. Therefore, you should always feed your pets the same diet at all times. You are welcome to occasionally reward them with specially designed holiday pet treats, but it should not substitute their normal diets.

During the holidays, we also love to decorate our houses with all kinds of ornaments and decorations. Although they may appear to be harmless, holiday decorations can be a hazard to your pets. Your pets’ agility may cause these objects to tumble and injure them during the process. Even the wrappers for these decorations and gifts can harm your pets if swallowed by accident. Therefore, always be on guard regarding your pets’ behaviours around any newly introduced objects.Xmas_dinner_lowres

For some, we may decide to leave our pets behind during the winter holidays. If this is the case, you should never leave your pets by themselves for an extended period of time. Not only would they suffer from loneliness and depression, they may also hurt themselves by accident or become ill. Consider taking your pets with you for the vacation. If it is not . . .implanting a microchip for your pets, just in case they wandered off on their own.

At 16th Avenue Animal Hospital, we understand how much your pet’s health and safety means to you and your family. Our hospital provides a range of affordable services and treatments for the issues discussed above. You are welcome to contact us with your concerns for your pets during the winter holidays, including: diet and nutrition, vaccination and micro-chipping  at 905-554-7210.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and make an appointment today to discuss with our veterinarians about your holiday preparation for your pets!


Healthy Pets Make Happy Homes!

Happy Holidays!!!

From the staff at 16th Ave Animal Hospital


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