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How can I help my pet lose weight?

Weight problems are common in cats and dogs and can be successfully managed through a few simple changes in lifestyle, feeding or a nutrition program.

Feed the healthy pet inside

Do you know how much your pet should weigh to be healthier, happier and more active?

We are offering free weight assessment by your veterinarian and staff for a limited time to establish IDEAL weight rather than CURRENT weight. For weight loss to occur, pets may need to consume fewer calories than the amount required to maintain their ideal body weight. Following your veterinarians feeding plan based on an accurate estimate of ideal body weight will ensure you don’t overfeed.

Helpful tips

Pet Obesity is now being treated as a disease

It is seen that overweight pets live shorter lives than healthy weight pets, and pets who are just a few pounds overweight. – as little as 20% -have an increased risk of developing serious diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis , and even cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Keys to staying on track

  • Work with your veterinary healthcare team to establish your pets target weight, set goals, take charge and monitor and record your pets weight regularly.
  • Feed only at designated feeding times throughout the day; control when and how your pet eats.
  • Please weigh your pet on a regular basis.
  • Say no to unhealthy snacks, especially table scraps.

How can we help your pet lose weight together?

We would welcome your pets for free registration to our weight loss program using The Slimfit value calculator. This is a powerful tool to

which can help your pets achieve a longer and healthier life. the Slimfit calculator allows us to enter your pets information including species, age, body condition score, weight and even photos, while the value calculator helps us show you the value of the formula your Doctor is prescribing. These calculators can track your pets progress. This tool allows us to track your pets progress and email the results to keep you updated about their progress.

Call us today 905 554 7210 with any questions that you may have or to book your free assessment appointment which includes free registration to the Slimfit program.



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